2016-2017 School Year

“Life as Serena Williams” by Alaysia Bailey

Pros and Cons of Football” by Ajaiden Brown

Lonzo Ball’s Success” by Za’an Burrell

Women’s Soccer Stars Leaving the US” by Christina Cashion

Green Bay Packers Battling Injuries” by Joshua Dawson

NFL Rule Changes Affecting the Game” by Joshua Dawson

Dwarf Tossing. You Heard me Right.” by Elisabeth Fiske

“Ron Leary Immediately Improves the Cowboys’ O-Line” by De’Ja’Vu Grant

Russell Westbrook: The Living Triple Double” by Gerald Green

CMS Girls’ Track” by Jailyn Hicks

Ruff Waters” by Ananda Hite

NCAA Men’s Basketball is Kicking Up” by Alexis Littleton

Cheerleading Injuries: No Pain, No Game?” by Alexis Massey

Concussions in Sports” by Elizabeth Morris

Football Draft 2017” by Madison Roane

Olympics: History and Legend” by Nayana Rodriguez

Odell Beckham Jr.” by Robine Saintile

“The Best of Both Worlds of Jon Dorenbos” by Emma Salter

The Strangest Sport You Have Ever Heard” by Alexis Sams

Gender Separation in Sports” by Kiara Sams

“The Wentz Wagon in Wentzlvania” by Steven Seth

“Dallas Cowboy QB Injuries” by Stephanie Toussaint

Star Corner Back Gets Shot!” by Makaylah Trott

Foluke Akinradewo” by Calah Vicks

The New Olympic Events of Tokyo 2020” by Madelyn Zeno

2015-2016 School Year

“Premier League Finishes” by Brendan Cook

“Top 3 Extreme Winter Sports” by Ella Green

“Final Four 2016” by Ariel Grier

“The Stride for Pride” by Madison Hurley

“Spring Sports” by Danielle Loder

“The Year of 1026’s Capital Classic” by Emilia Matarrese

“CMS Winter Sports 2015” by Sydni Warman

“Central Middle School’s Sports Players’ Perspectives” by Kayla Wells

2014-2015 School Year

“One of NFL’s All-Time Greats Can’t Escape Life of Violence” by Amanda Anyanwu

“Tennis: A Game of Wits or Guts?” by Charles Anyanwu

“Former Baseball Player Kirk Gibson Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease” by Britney Coffey

“Saving in Sports” by Ciana Fe Gadut

“Welcome to the Olympics” by Christina Garcia

“March Madness” by Eric Glass

“More Than Just Winning” by Sivahn Griffin

“The Orioles’ First Fan-less Game” by Vernice Heard

“The Stride for Pride” by Madison Hurley

“More Thank Just a Game: Into the Eyes of the CMS Boys’ Basketball Team” by Ashley Jones

“Improvements in Racing” by Mackenzie Newman

“NBA on Display” by Jada Nixon

“Hey! How about that Super Bowl, though?” by Maria Salinas

“Let the Games Begin!” by Tabitha Seeney

“Top 5 Weirdest Sports” by Jayda Young


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