National & World News

2016-2017 School Year

Donald Trump (United States) vs Kim Jong-Un (North Korea): “World War III”” by Trinity Benson

Deadly Tornado Hits Missouri” by Ajaiden Brown

Ivanka Trump’s Role in Trump Administration” by Christina Cashion

13 Reasons Why” by Jaykiera Cubbage

“Hurricane Matthew Sweeps the Nation” by Joshua Dawson

Kim Jong Nam and Korea’s Ties with Malaysia” by Joshua Dawson

200 Pound Golden Coin Stolen from German Museum” by Elisabeth Fiske

“West Virgina Officer Says He Was Fired for Not Shooting Unarmed Black Man” by De’Ja’Vu Grant

The Facts Behind Transgender Controversy” by Jailyn Hicks

The Syrian Tragedy” by Ananda Hite

Gatlinburg, Tennessee Fire” by Jahniah Hudson

All Star Basketball Game Excites Fans” by Alexis Littleton

Christmas Shopping Done for Some People” by Elizabeth Morris

Delaware State Trooper Killed On Duty” by Elizabeth Morris

Amona Evacuation: The Final Stand” by Nayana Rodriguez

Dr. David Dao Dragged off United Airlines Flight” by Andrew Roisland

Iowa Police Shooting” by Robine Saintile

ISIS Attacks Once Again” by Emma Salter

Wave Energy in Africa” by Alexis Sams

The Effects of Climate Change” by Kiara Sams

Fear or No Fear: Syrian Refugees” by Stephanie Toussaint

Dover Couple Shot and Killed” by Calah Vicks

“Clowns Are Terrorizing People?!” by Madelyn Zeno

2015-2016 School Year

“Paris Terror Attacks” by Tiera Arnold

“Immigration and Its Effects on the U.S.” by Brendan Cook

“Save the Abandoned Chimps” by Ella Green

“Zika Virus Outbreak” by Ariel Grier

“Presidential Election Pit Stops” by Madison Hurley

“The Flint Water Crisis” by Danielle Loder

“A Runaway Blimp!” by Sydni Warman

“Delaware’s Graduation Rate” by Kayla Wells

2014-2015 School Year

“Who Owns Your License Plate?” by Amanda Anyanwu

“Terror or Terrorists?” by Charles Anyanwu

“Amanda Knox Trial Update” by Britney Coffey

“A Case of the Measles” by Ciana Fe Gadut

“ISIS Crisis” by Eric Glass

“Utah Brings Back the Firing Squads” by Vernice Heard

“Addressing the Issue at Hand: Police brutality, violence, racism, and government solutions” by Ashley Jones

“The Journey to Mars” by Mackenzie Newman

“The Attack of North Korea” by Jada Nixon

“A Treacherous Earthquake Hits Nepal” by Maria Salinas

“Egypt’s Sports Violence” by Tabitha Seeney

“Are Americans going to be forced to vote?”by Sydni Warman

“World’s Cutest Bears in Danger” by Jayda Young


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