“2016-2017 School Year

Who is Kendrick Lamar?” by Alaysia Bailey

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke” by Trinity Benson

The Dragon Cries Again” by Ajaiden Brown

Add a trip to Rehoboth Beach on your calendar” by Za’an Burrell

Selena Gomez and The Weekend Dating?” by Jaykiera Cubbage

Chance The Rapper’s Rise To Stardom” by Joshua Dawson

Kendrick Lamar Vs. Fox News” by Joshua Dawson

Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj: The Battle of NY” by Gerald Green

Fist Fight” by Alexis Hicks

Pixar™: The change in animations” by Jailyn Hicks

Riverdale Review” by Ananda Hite

Oscar Mistake: The New Steve Harvey?” by Alexis Massey

Clothing Stores Drop Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line” by Elizabeth Morris

“New Additions to the Firefly Music Festival” by Elizabeth Morris

Mr. Robot: Series Review” by Nayana Rodriguez

LEGO© Batman Movie: Did They Just “Wing” it?” by Andrew Roisland

“Kim K. was Robbed” by Emma Salter

The Human Condition: Jon Bellion Album Review” by Madelyn Zeno

2015-2016 School Year

“ABC’s Once Upon a Time” by Tiera Arnold

“Upcoming Disney Movies of 2016” by Ella Green

“Scares and Spooks: Top 3 Must-See Movies” by Madison Hurley

“Barbershop: The New Cut” by Danielle Loder

“An Even Fuller House” by Emilia Matarrese

“Walking Dead Season 6 Thrills” by Rachel Parent

“In a Galaxy Far, Far Away … The Force Awakened” by Sydni Warman

“Hidden Talents” by Kayla Wells

2014-2015 School Year

“There’s a Scandal Going on Right Before Your Eyes” by Amanda Anyanwu

“The Magic of Movies: Getting the Scoop on the Movies Coming Out in 2015” by Charles Anyanwu

“Come on, Let’s Watch The Voice!” by Britney Coffey

“Ancient Artists” by Ciana Fe Gadut

“Unbroken: Reality to Motion Picture” by Christina Garcia

“Should You Watch American Sniper?” by Eric Glass

“We Love Empire” by Sivahn Griffin

“A Paralyzed Love Story” by Vernice Heard

“The Best Thing on the E! Network Since Fashion Police” by Ashley Jones

“The Interview: What Happened?” by Mackenzie Newman

“So Many Secrets and Lies” by Jada Nixon

“Bruce Jenner’s 50-Year Secret” by Maria Salinas

“Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen!” by Tabitha Seeney

“Bobbi Kristina Clings to Life” by Jayda Young


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