Is Golf a Sport??

There are good sports. There are bad sports. Then there’s golf. There are normal sports. There are unusual sports. Then there is golf. Golf is a widely debated topic on whether or not it should be considered a sport.


Let’s start with the “For” side of “Is Golf a Sport?”

  • Golf meets the definition of “Sport” in many dictionaries

Merriam-Webster defines a sport as physical activity engaged in for pleasure: a particular activity (as an athletic game). So Golf does, indeed, match the definition of “Sport.”

  • Golf requires coordinated muscle use

For every stroke, you need to use at least 17 muscles groups (according to in your hands, wrists, arms, abdomens, and legs.

  • The International Olympic Committee considers Golf as a sport

The Olympics are like the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to sports.And as it turns out, the International Olympic Committee calls golf a sport starting in 2016.


And now, the cons, because for every good side there is a bad side.

  • Golf better matches the definition of “game” than sport in most dictionaries.

Merriam-Webster also defines a game activity engaged in for diversion or amusement.” And that is definitely what golf is.

  • If an activity does not make you break a sweat, or if it can be done while drinking or smoking, it is not a sport.

Professional golfers are sometimes overweight, (according to old, or out of shape, and their caddies carry the equipment for them. There is no running, jumping, or cardiovascular activity in golf.

  • If you can compete in a professional tournament with a broken leg, it is not a sport.

Tiger Woods not only played the 2008 US Open with two stress fractures in his left tibia, he even won the whole event (according to


A golf fan was even brought in to contribute his opinion. Matthew Coogan said, “Golf is a way to escape the stress and troubles of life. If you don’t like it or think it’s not a sport, then you’re not playing it enough.”

So the Great Golf Debate still continues to this day. There are good points for both sides. But in the end, whether it is or isn’t a sport is up to you.


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