Introduction of Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners have suddenly became very popular over the last few weeks. They are fun to play and it also helps people relieve stress. This is true; fidget spinners were originally meant for people to get help with relieving stress. According to the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, “Literature reviews were conducted from books, articles, journals, and relevant works to identify the use of stress, anxiety relieving, or calming objects whose purpose were not originally for fidget use but that function in such a manner as to promote concentration.”  This proves that fidget spinners helps relieve stress as well as anxiety. Since the invention was played in videos throughout social media, the spinners became very popular, and it became a distraction. From information given by Fox News it says, “Fidget spinners have become quite the craze with kids in recent months. Originally designed to help kids in the classroom, questions are arising as to whether they help or hurt students. It spins, it’s active, it makes motion and, when taken to school, a fidget spinner can be downright distracting.

‘As a teacher, I’m starting to be over them a little bit,’ said Amy Rich, third grade teacher at Reed Elementary.” Some teachers are already disliking the invention and believe that they shouldn’t be brought in schools. Fidget spinners have already been banned in multiple schools across the country. Fidgeting is very beneficial also as it can clear some thoughts out of your head. According to, “ Fidgeting may prevent your mind from being occupied by obsessive and unhealthy thoughts such as what is the meaning of life, what do other people think of you, why aren’t you more attractive ?”

In an interview with Joshua Dawson, a student at Central Middle School, he said, “Fidget spinners are fun because the constant spinning keeps me hooked.” When asked if others around him play with fidget spinners and how it affected him, he said, “ It’s very distracting.” All in all, fidget spinners are both distracting when it comes to education and beneficial when it comes to entertainment and being stressed out or having disorders.

A teacher at Central Middle School, Mr. Savage, feels that fidget spinners are good as long as they are used appropriately. When asked if they are distracting in class, he said, “They can be when not used properly. Also, kids that don’t have spinners get distracted by those that do.” As shown fidget spinners, can be both distracting and helpful depending on how it is used.



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