Do Teachers Deserve More Respect?

Teachers educate young minds and prepare students for the future. Some might say they put a lot on the line for their students and need more credit. Others might believe they’re just where they need to be. So before making accusations about teachers, ask yourself, “Do teachers deserve more respect?

Many people believe that teachers deserve much more respect than is currently received. A Huffington Post article on this subject stated, “These people were the backbone of society and as such, worthy of our unconditional admiration and trust.” However, others think that teachers are just doing their job and respect isn’t needed. In the same Huffington post article, Tasha Goddard stated,”That doesn’t mean that I respect the way that all of them go about things.” Many believe that teachers do their jobs but not in respectful ways.

My opinion on the subject is that teachers deserve much more respect than given. They do a lot of things outside the job description that is for their students’ success. A lot of teachers stay very late to tutor and give students extra help, as well as hearing students’ problems and helping through all the hardships students go through. I’d highly consider some more respect to be given.


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