Are Humans Destroying Earth?

by Ajaiden Brown


According to, “97%-98% percent of scientist agree that human activities are the cause of global climate change due to our daily activities.” Some scientists argue that we are not the cause of global warming, but rather that the Earth is in natural bounds for the past 3,000 years temperature. Scientist say it is gases like CH4, CO2 and NO2 that are making the earth warmer over time.

Those who believe that climate change is manmade say, “The level of CO2 is increasing at a faster rate than ever recorded,” according to They believe natural causes cannot be the only cause of this drastic increase. There is a specific type of CO2 that can be linked to the global increase in temperature. Natural changes in the sun cannot explain the significant temperature increase in the earth’s temperature.

Those who believe that climate change is not manmade say that earth’s climate has always warmed and cooled and over the past millennia. Scientists say that it might have not even been the warmest or unique climate during this period, according to During the glaciation period CO2 levels were five times higher than they are today.

One effect of climate change is the sea levels have risen nearly double from the last century. Oceans are taking in large amounts CO2, which are making the seas warmer and the ice sheets are melting which is increasing sea level rise even more than it already was, which can affect states near water.

Some Scientists say that CO2 is already in earth’s atmosphere and environment manmade or natural. This will have little impact on the earth atmosphere and its environment because CO2 is already saturated in the environment so it will have no negative impact on earth and if it does it will not be a huge change.

My opinion is that climate change man made and the effect will be that  CO2 can get trapped in our atmosphere and heat up our planet also greenhouse gases destroy parts of the ozone layer.This would lead to  dangerous rays from the sun in, such as gamma rays, Uv rays more inferred will be allowed in our atmosphere and sea level rise can affect states near the sea.


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