We’re Almost There


      End of the year activities are generally known to be fun. You get to be out of class and it’s a symbol of school ending. With the end of the school activities nearing, generally some students wonder. Are these end of year activities giving stress to teachers and students?

     Teachers as well as students deal with a lot of things at home that can also impact the stress that they feel at school. On top of things at home they have to deal with different kinds of students and other tasks like grading papers. Miss Miller, CMS’s Spanish instructor, generally said that she has studious students but by the end of the school year they get less motivated, but afterwards she adds, “It’s anticipated.” Another aspect of the end of the year activities is that it’s not easy planning your teaching schedule with all of these upcoming events. Miss Beauchamp says that, “It’s hard, especially when you have field trips coming up without any notices.”

     Although a lot of field trips are coming up, many students can experience feelings of uneasiness. Students have the worry of getting all their work done while adjusting to the schedules and the final grades. Jasmine Starling was asked if the exams and last quarter grades give her stress. She gave the answer yes and then explained herself by saying, “Most of these grades determine where you go next year.”  It can also be hard for students to adjust to these new schedules at the end of the year if you need to get your work finished. Jasmine thinks that, “If you work hard you’ll get it done”.

     To Jasmine the end of the year activities are important because, “It makes students feel rewarded for working hard”. Teachers and students alike can agree that it’s more of the aspect that the year is ending that’s so stressful, not so much the activities. Miss Beauchamp thinks these activities actually work as a stress relief. To her this relaxes her from grading the end of the year papers and exams. Like most people Miss Miller declares that these activities are a “Great way to wrap up the year!”



Beauchamp, Melissa. Personal Interview. 31 May 2017.

Miller, Monique. Personal Interview.  31 May 2017.

Starling, Jasmine. Personal Interview. 31 May 2017.


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