The Beard And Moustache Championships

Ever heard of a sport using your facial hair to win? The Beard and Moustache Championship is a competition where men with beards and moustaches compete for the best beard and moustache. The Beard and Moustache Championship takes place in Nashville, Tennessee.

How Do You Compete?

To compete in the Beard and Moustache Championship you would have to look for the best beard you like. You would have to make sure the beard has a good appearance on you, style and personality. You would need to dress appropriate and classy for it. You would want the suit to fit your looks and the beard. The best way to win is to wear a hat that looks great on you then work your way around it.


The judges will look at the best facial hair that enhances his overall looks, such as appearance, style, and personality. There is a freestyle category, where the judges will be asked to look at originality and creativity.


There are 16 categories in the Beard and Moustache Championships, and is arranged in three groups, moustache, partial beards, and full beards. In addition, the 17th category, the Alaskan Whaler, was added in 2009 held in Anchorage.


The first category is moustache. You can a natural moustache, Dali, English, imperial, Hungarian, and freestyle. Any hair growing from the corner of the mouth must be shaved with styling aids, but not for natural moustache.

Partial Beard

For partial beard there is goatee, musketeer, fu manchu, goatee freestyle, imperial partial beard/kaiser beard, partial beard freestyle and sometimes sideburns. The beards must be cleaned at all times. Styling aids are permitted.

Full Beard

Full Beard are natural, styled moustache, Verdi, Garibaldi, and freestyle.



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