Call of Duty WWII Zombies: What We Know so Far

We’re back on the ground after blasting off into space for a while in the latest entry Infinite Warfare, but now that the final frontier has come to an end; welcome back to World War II. Players “will play as U.S. Army private Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels as he makes his way from Normandy to Germany as part of the 1st Infantry Division,” according to But the thing that caught the attention of many fans of the old Nazi Zombies series from the older World at War and Black Ops are interested in the new Zombies experience. On the helmet of the zombie on the teaser shot, when brightened, the letters “IUFDJ BHLOP JMUBA” are visible.

There was a zombie teaser site that when the code was typed in, it revealed two images, one an image of Portrait of a Young Man painted by Rafael, lost during WWII, and the left image is linked to Operation Barbarossa, where the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union. It also reveals the message, “A new horror arises.” This may give off some information regarding the location of some of the maps. (

So far that’s about as much as the media knows about the new Zombies mode. According to Business Insider, the game is planned to launch November third on Xbox and PS4, as well as PC. Whatever will come in November, the fans will be ready for it!


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