Wendy’s-Roasting People Like Fresh Meat

Wendy’s is a restaurant which was mostly known for their famous (and delicious) Baconator and Son Of Baconator, but more recently Wendy’s has become known  for their Twitter. More specifically, their roasts. Since then, their Twitter has been blowing up.

The mastermind of this whole amazing shebang is a very chill and down-to-Earth woman named Amy Brown. She replies to almost anyone who questions or talks about Wendy’s. Although she isn’t the only one who responds to the tweets, she was the one who came up with idea, according to Mashable. The most unique thing  about what she did was that she didn’t reply with a robotic answer such as, “We’re sorry to hear. Call this number and we’ll fix it up,” but instead she replies  with snappy and sassy answers. Some examples are:




Many people enjoy the sassy comments, and it’s definitely helping Wendy’s with the popularity. Brandon Rhoten, the VP of advertising, said,“The intent of the social media team is to represent the brand’s  voice as best as they can. When folks say, ‘roast me,’ we’re going to have fun with that.”


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