The Incredibles Are Truly Incredible

Pixar is an amazing film industry that people hate for some of the following reasons, according to Drew Taylor:

  • A Lack of Strong Female Characters
  • An Emphasis On Story Means A Lack Of Texture
  • Every Movie Ends In A Chase Sequence
  • The Problem With Multiple Climaxes
  • Buddy Movie Overload

Incredible Family

In 2004, Disney Pixar produced one of the best cartoons to reach the big screen, The Incredibles. Finally, after over a decade of waiting, The Incredibles 2, is scheduled for release June 15, 2018. Since it feels so close, now is the time to say that The Incredibles is the best Pixar movie. It is amazing with character development, plot, and much more, as well as compensating for all reasons listed above above.

First, the lack of strong female characters is literally thrown out the window. In The Incredibles, you have two female leads, Violet Parr and Elastigirl, who both are in almost every scene and both help defeat the antagonist of the movie. Some would argue that The Incredibles movie was one of the few movies that had texture along with an amazing plot. The movie taught the importance of inter-family-dependance while still providing us with an action filled movie that was pleasing to the public. The Incredibles does not end in a chase scene, it ends with our female character, Violet, getting a date, and her brother, Dash, being allowed to participate in sports; This sequence is followed shortly by what fans think is a teaser for The Incredibles 2. While The Incredibles did seem unstructured and as if it had more than one climax, there was really only one, the discoverance of Syndrome’s plan to kill off the super hero kind, and make everyone else superpowered. In The Incredibles, there is almost no appearance of “Buddies” throughout it, the overload is a family morals overload.

This movie breaks away from the five main reasons that most people dislike Pixar. It’s an amazing family moral driven movie, and may just be the best Pixar movie to reach the big screen.


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