Let’s March Scientifically

     All over the news programs such as CNN, viewers have seen people marching in a form of protest. From the Women’s March to the Native People’s March to protest the Keystone Pipeline, many americans are coming together to voice their concerns about very controversial topics. The latest one is the March for Science.

     The March for Science is a march organized by the Earth Day  Network EDN that not only celebrated science, but informed people about the importance of it. Furthermore, the march was also a sort of protest of the Trump Administration policies and the news outlet CNN said, this march was political but nonpartisan. Nonpartisan means unbiased towards any political group. This march took place April 22, 2017, on Earth Day.

     Dedicated citizens from all over the United States came to the streets of Washington D.C  for the March for Science. Many scientists and science icons like Bill Nye came to speak on different issues and teach people during the march. A lot of people supported and participated in this march. Participants also made creatively funny and geeky posters to get their message across. One the Earth Day Network site they stated gratuity, “Our Washington DC event became the flagship for rallies, marches, protests and teach-ins in more than 600 cities all across the world — an unprecedented global statement of unity and strength.” Some of those cities were NYC, Chicago, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro.

     Another march took  place on April 29th, 2017 called the  People’s Climate March. Some people believe that these marches are the same but in reality they are different from each other. Just like the March for Science, the purpose for the march is to bring people together to talk about issues that deal with the involvement of science. However, the People’s Climate March is directed more towards climate change while the science march covers science in general, not only the issue of climate change.  

     Both of these marches are in protest of the Trump Administration’s lack of using scientists’ advice on how to solve issues on climate change. So far Trump’s approach to climate change is focused more towards creating jobs than contributing to preservation of the environment like we should be doing. Although creating jobs is important, most scientists can agree that it shouldn’t be at mother nature’s expense.

     We need science so that way we can make the right decisions when dealing with policies and issues regarding climate change. Science itself should be extremely important to people. Without scientists we wouldn’t have medicine or vaccines that generally help us live. The March for Science is trying to show us that science should and does matter in society. In the words of the ever so famous Bill Nye, “Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re holding everybody back.”


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