Ways to Prevent Class Skipping

Most teachers can agree that there is an ongoing problem with students skipping class at Central Middle School (CMS). Skipping is where students either don’t show up to class or ask to go to the bathroom and come back with 10 minutes or less left in class.

Teachers have attempted to find ways to prevent class-skipping by not letting students use the bathroom in between classes. Some students that don’t skip have friends that do skip.

Gerald Green, a student at CMS said that he sees the most students skipping upstairs near the library. When asked what’s the common way to skip class, Gerald replied, “The most common way is hiding in the bathrooms, and running away from teachers when they can.”

A suggestion to prevent people from hiding in the bathroom is to have hall monitors or timers. When the timer goes off, it will make a ringing noise that will indicate that they should return back to class. The hall monitors should check in the bathroom every few minutes to ensure the students are not loitering in the bathroom. If the students disobey the monitors, the monitors should acknowledge any member of the faculty and they will handle it.

Gerald also made a comment that, “People don’t want to go to class because it is boring, and they feel it is unneeded, and it makes them want to switch out.” Gerald later said that he wanted to skip a class because of excess work, but he didn’t skip the class because it wasn’t worth it, and you still learn something new everyday.

This is true; students should realize that skipping is not worth it because you could be missing out on learning something new that you can utilize or apply in the real world.

A former class skipper who would like to keep his/her name anonymous said that he/she would never skip class again because it’s not worth the time, and if this student didn’t want to go to class, then he/she wouldn’t go to school.

Skipping is not the best option for not wanting to come to class. In the 1900s, education was not available for everybody. It was needed to be successful then, and basically it is needed now. In this generation, education is free in public schools. Just because you do not want to go to class doesn’t mean you have skip and miss out on getting an education.

The best thing to do when you don’t want to go to class is to go to class and tough it out and try to engage in all discussions or activities the best you can.

Nonetheless, all of the interviewees, when asked why they don’t skip or they won’t do it again, stated, “ It’s not worth it!”



Anonymous student. Personal interview.  8 May 2017.

Green, Gerald. Personal interview. 5 May 2017.


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