Marvel vs. DC

by Nayana Rodriguez


We all know about the unofficial rivalry between the top dogs in the superhero comic book industry otherwise known as Marvel and DC. Both companies have been disputed by fans to better than one another and in recent years they’ve taken shots at one another publicly. The desire for our favorite characters to have their own shot at the big scene or even our TVs is growing, and it can’t help but seem that the companies are even taking shots in their fandoms. Some see them as equals while others as enemies but one thing is for sure; one is beating the other.



DC has Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2 and Marvel hasSpider-man: Shattered Dimensions and its sequel Spider-man: Edge of Time. The reasoning for these line ups is because they both feature the joining of multi-verses and have a avid fan following. The Injustice franchise has earned a lot of praise because of its dark reality and plot of, What if superman became a villain? They use this possibility amazingly in the franchise with Superman having become a dictator in the first game the heroes having to choose sides and fight one another. The combat is awesome, coming from the creators of Mortal Combat, and the intro scenes and the story are insane with you really feeling the characters. Injustice 2 even tops this with new characters, high stakes and a mobile game. With individual character endings and content Injustice is sure to be a hit.

Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions ( has been popular ever since its 2010 release where you can play four different Spider-Men in four different universes. These universe are the Noir universe, the Ultimate universe, 2099 universe, and the Amazing universe (the mainstream one). Each universe has a specific art style ranging from black and white to action packed with specialized villains for each Spider-man. The gameplay and skills also change for each universe;  its sequel only uses two alternate universes. While they are both praised, the sequel has been criticized by writers and players for taking away some elements. Both of these companies games are entertaining and bring a new world view; however, even though Injustice brings more characters to the plate and is a great fighting game, DC is superior because of the change on each universes characters, the addition of Red Hood and Starfire, and other game cameos with Sub Zero from Mortal Combat.


Superhero movie line-up from 2014



Both of the companies’ movies ripped apart both of their top loyalties and age-old friendships. These movies are Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War. Both of these movies had been compared once they were announced making hundreds upon hundreds of fans scream at the trailers and cameos. First up is the movie that had a lot of people talking: Batman v Superman (Rotten Tomatoes). This movie’s ending was horrible. The battle that led up to this lackluster ending was amazing; you could tell that they spent a long time working on it … then comes the last moment when the battle commences. Fans probably weren’t expecting from it after watching the flimsy plot, but really all that work felt like it was for nothing. However, that Wonder Woman scene almost made up for it. This happened once again in the popular team-up, Suicide Squad.

Captain America: Civil War was ( good … really, really good. They brought back some old characters like Black Panther, War Machine and Ant Man along with the amazing, spectacular Spider Man. The Spider Man cameo took a lot of negotiating to get in there and that shows how much they care about their fans. The action amazes, much like in Batman v Superman, but the action meant something. The stakes were at their highest, age old alliances were being torn, and the Avengers were torn to shreds by one another. The hype for Civil War was also bigger than Batman v Superman with people choosing sides with either Team Cap or Team Iron Man.  The ending of Civil War angered some fans because of the winners’ actions, and that cliffhanger brought hope for the future of the relationship of Captain and Tony. That was the main point of the movie and they nailed it, which Batman v Superman couldn’t do because Batman hates Superman already so the fight was ready to happen. With all this information, Civil War has won for movies!

Marvel: 1

DC: 1

There both even in value, fans and media.


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