Football Draft 2017

Many college students that have been playing college football for two years and have been dreaming of being in the National Football League (NFL). They finally get their chance starting April 27th. To be able to participate in the NFL, you have to meet certain rules and requirements. Good enough players can be invited to the NFL Combine. Coaches and other people examine the college junior and senior football players to determine if they are able to advance to the NFL.

College students that are focused on their careers in the NFL are trying to play hard and work hard so they are picked to participate. As young adults try to on focus their careers, they also have to make sure they meet the requirements needed. According to, “Unlike major professional sports such as baseball and ice hockey, which draft and sign players from high school, football players must play college football for at least three seasons or be out of high school for at least three years before being eligible to play in the NFL.” A member club cannot sign a player to an NFL Player Contract or NFL Practice Player Contract, or select a player in a Draft until such player meets one of the following requirements. Requirements include college eligibility, graduation, and the five-year rule.

Throughout the game there are many ways that people are chosen. According to, “Only the first round is held on Thursday. It starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time, and each team has 10 minutes to make its pick. The second and third rounds are on Friday; rounds 4-7 are on Saturday. Teams get seven minutes to make picks in the second round and five minutes in rounds 3-6. Teams only have four minutes for their seventh round and compensatory draft picks. If a team lets its time expire without making a choice, it can make a selection later — but it runs the risk of letting the next team on the clock take the player it was considering.” When the game starts there are many ways that people decided to chose who plays.

As players that are picked to participate in the National Football League, there dreams may come true. After following their plans, and meeting the requirements they can be liable to draft in the NFL. But all they need is for coaches, and other people to examine their abilities.  


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