Dr. David Dao Dragged off United Airlines Flight

On April 9th, according to CNN, Dr. David Dao was dragged off of an United Airlines flight; not only that, videos were recorded of him, and those videos became memes on platforms like iFunny and Instagram. The flight was overbooked and when he was asked to exit the plane he refused. As a result, he left the plane bloody and concussed, among other injuries.

The cause of the incident is still pretty unclear at this point but some people say it’s because someone else wanted the seat he was in. While it has been confirmed that United Airlines chose him at random and offered compensation, many people think that is just their way of saying “The luck of the draw.” Well, last time people checked, “luck of the draw” doesn’t and the loss of his two front teeth (according to David Dao’s attorney via CNN). Not only that, it doesn’t usually end up in a concussion, a broken nose, injuries to his sinuses (which required surgery), and also the humiliation of being watched by millions upon millions of people across the world.

As it turns out, public harassment can actually qualify for compensation. In assault cases, a jury can consider his humiliation suffered by the victim and offer him compensation.

But here’s the interesting part. People know know what happened, but they know almost nothing about who, why, or the after result. Even when a know-it-all meme expert, Jayden Bernard, has seen everything doing with jokes, he doesn’t know his name.

He said, “I know what happened with United. Some guy got dragged off a plane because he refused to give up his seat. I’m not positive why but I heard someone else wanted the seat. I don’t know his name. I feel as if it is both people’s fault for the situation because United Airlines shouldn’t have kicked him off because they were ‘overbooked.’ I don’t think the company had the right to take him off forcefully because ask someone in like a respectful way instead of, ‘Hey, get up so someone else can get on.’ But then again, he shouldn’t have fought back.”


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