CMS Pressure: Too much or not at all?

 As the Central Middle School year slowly but surely comes to its end, the students have been trying to work extra hard to make sure they finish strong and pass their current grade (7th and 8th). The seventh graders are just trying to make it to the eighth grade, but for the eighth graders it is all about making it to high school. So with all of this pressure lying on the students’ shoulders, how do they feel? 

Joshua Dawson, an eighth grader that goes to Central Middle School, shared what he thinks about the pressure at school recently. He hit on the fact that this was the last year before high school really well. He said that he has to work extra hard now that there is so much on the line now that we are trying to advance into the ninth grade. That is a good point, considering nobody wants to be left behind here in eighth grade while all of their friends are moving on to high school. 

 With the eighth graders worried about high school, what are the seventh graders worried about? Seventh grader Brian Nealous said that his seventh grade year is really kind of a warm-up to prepare yourself for the eighth grade. He said that every grade is like practice for the next and that the seventh is no different. He feels like there is more pressure on the eighth graders than on the seventh graders because high school is such a big deal for the eighth graders.

 When the students do testing they feel like they just need to do the best that they can and make sure they give it their all every day, according to Joshua Dawson. If the students just keep on going and not worrying too much about high school, then there really is nothing to it in terms of serious pressure. If the students can just focus on their goals, there really is not that much pressure on their shoulders.

 Brian Nealous summed up this philosophy, stating: “All students should just focus on their goals and not worry so much about what is on the line.”
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