13 Reasons Why

Mental health experts are focusing on teenagers that watch/watched 13 Reasons Why. They focus on this show because this show is believed to be dangerous to suicidal teenagers and can make children that are having problems want to commit suicide.

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix series about a teenager, Hannah Baker, committing suicide and leaving 13 audio tapes listened to by classmates that Hannah blames for her suicide.

Health experts are saying that the part that shows to portray Hannah harming herself is dangerous. From NBC News, Dr. Victor Schwartz says, “None of that stuff is made clear because it’s focused on the horrible things people have done to her. The whole thing is an extended revenge fantasy.” If the Netflix series had shown parts of Hannah getting treated kindly then it would less harmful. Schwartz said the show is loaded with imagery and actions that could be considered harmful to young adults or children who could be dealing with suicidal thoughts. The creators of 13 Reasons Why say they do not feel the show romanticizes suicide. They say it shows suicide as “very ugly and very damaging.”

13 Reasons Why affects others around the world because it deals with suicide and Hannah Baker’s feeling of loneliness. Alexis Curtis, from CNN News says she could’ve been a real life Hannah Baker. She continued, “Had I been watching that as the vulnerable, fragile kid that I was when I was 13 or 14, I might have watched that and thought, ‘Oh, that’s the easy way out. This is going to get me the attention that I need. This is what I have to do.'” Alexis could’ve gone to her parents, telling them she felt that way and she was suicidal, or maybe she never was, until then.

Parents have a lot to do with their child committing suicide too, not just the people that bullied their child. Philly.com contributor Dr. Lauren Napolitano says, “If I weren’t a parent myself, I might be tempted to fully blame the parents of these kids for their suffering.”  Parents should start to talk to their children more, giving them attention. If parents would talk to their children more the percentage rate of suicide would go down. Brian Yorkey is one of the writers on the show, and he says, “13 Reasons Why brings up difficult issues that parents and their children should be talking about more,” coming from learningenglish.voanews.com.

CNN News presenter says that suicide rating among a certain age group went up 30% from 2000 to 2010. The most recent date of suicide killing is 39,000 teens from 2011. The third leading cause of death among teens is suicide.


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