Devin Booker: Young Kobe?

If anybody thinks that Devin Booker is not a good young NBA player yet, then they need to watch the Phoenix Suns vs. Boston Celtics game. Devin Booker is only 20 years old and is in his second NBA season. That is just absolutely insane. The thing that is still really surprising is that people want to take this away from him because the Suns still lost the game, but to a good team in the Celtics. The fact that Devin Booker is only in his second season in the NBA is dropping 70 points in a game is getting hate is very rare and surprising. Nobody expected anyone to drop 70 points that game not even Booker but that did not stop him from scoring 70 points.


 Booker was doing other things aside from scoring. On the official ESPN website the final stats of the game was 70 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists, this means he could have had a triple double. If he would have got the 2 more rebounds and the 4 more assists this could have possibly been the best 70+ game we have ever seen (aside from Wilt Chamberlain’s 100  point game). The question is if Devin would have had that triple double would people give him his respect for the performance? Now there are other facts that people say about him stat padding that need to be cleared up.


 There are some people like some of the Celtics players like Isaiah Thomas who did not enjoy the way that Phoenix was playing in the game even though they still got the win. According to Isaiah claims that, “It was weird what they were doing, I mean calling timeouts and continue to foul when we were up 15. It was obvious what they were doing though.” Other people who play for the Celtics like their starting small forward Jae Crowder had something to say in a little argument on Instagram. After a picture of Booker and his teammates holding the 70 point sign Crowder posted a comment saying, “I’ve never seen so many people excited about taking an L.” Booker replied by simply saying, “You can’t guard me.”


 On the other side of the argument, this is just a part of his greatness. Aside from the team kind of chasing his points but they did not expect him to score this many points. According to the SB Nation website Head Coach Earl Watson said, “It’s about letting our kids be great nothing else. And if you have a problem with it do something simple as that.” So with this quote we can say that he was just being great and had an all star level performance that night. If the coach claims that he was just being a good player, then you can’t really argue against that. Isaiah Thomas did make a good point by talking about how they were calling a lot of timeouts. In addition, they were fouling a bunch which could make some frustrated.


 Devin just was having fun, and basketball forever posted this quote on Instagram: “Devin Booker looks a lot like the mini mamba, Kobe Bryant and Devin both had fathers in the NBA, both players were the youngest in their draft class, both were picked 13th overall, both were six foot six shooting guards, and now both of them have put up 70+ point games.”
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