NFL Rule Changes Affecting the Game

Over the past decade the National Football League (NFL) has been swept with new rules and game changing factors that alter the way the game is traditionally played. The most current rule to date being “Jumping over the center,” a rule that allowed a defender to time the start of a play and jump over the center before he could react. Once this was past the football world became outraged and according to Bleacher Report, “The NFL is too soft.’’


What sense does it make?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is ultimately the man responsible for all NFL changes. He is the “Head Honcho” at all the board meetings and owners only meetings. He has taken a lot of heat over the past month or so solely because he has been a part of removing rules from the NFL that were in past considered “crucial parts to the game,’’ according to CBS Detroit. Most people’s problems are the fact that you can’t even touch a kicker during a field goal, but you’re not required to wear a mouth guard, according to Profootballtalk.


How did they affect the game?

Some notable safety rules that have been removed include “Roughing the kicker,” “Ban on Hoodies,” “Chop Blocking,” and the multiple rule changes regarding celebrating. “Roughing the kicker’’ is an NFL penalty that does not allow a player to come in physical contact with the kicker. This rule was  very controversial because there have been many fines that involved this penalty. Some of the newer rule changes involve “Ban on Hoodies’’ and “Chop Blocking.” Ban on hoodies was a rule change was more current to today. Because of GB Packer but current free agent James Jones, who started wearing them during cold games, It spread quickly but was banned the next season because grabbing the hoodie could be used like dreadlocks according to  Commissioner roger Goodell. Chop Blocking also is a current rule changed this year and will be put into effect in 2017. The rule does not allow you to dive for the knees to make a block.


All in all, rules are changing in the NFL. Many players believe that they are destroying the game, while the commissioner is saying they are requirements for safety. And as Bleacher report states, “the NFL is killing the sport despite its efforts to save it.”


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