CMS Girls Soccer

The CMS Girls Soccer Team from last year had a record of 8-2-1. Even though this year’s CMS Girls Soccer Team has started off a little rough the girls that I interviewed have confidence they can win some games in the coming season.
Elyse Bennett has played soccer for 3 to 4 years, and this is her second year on the CMS Girls Soccer Team playing striker. Striker is another word for a forward. When playing striker the player is positioned closer to the goal to score goals. She tried out for the team again because, “I like playing soccer,” says Elyse. According to Elyse, her favorite thing about soccer is getting comments on what she did good/right. The most effect soccer has had on her was losing weight from all the running and working out.

But for Melanie Griffitts, this is her first year playing soccer for CMS playing right mid. When playing mid you can do a lot of different things depending on where you are on the field. Some of the thing you can do when playing is to assist the forwards, make accurate passes and much more! Melanie tried out for the soccer team because of having most of her friends playing soccer including Elyse Bennett. The most effect Melanie has had by playing soccer was, she said, “Getting better grades.” According to Melanie, “Kicking the ball up and down the field is my favorite thing about soccer because it helps me get my anger out.”

Coach Hoover has coached the CMS girls soccer team for 8 seasons, with this season being his 8th one. There are a multiple things that Coach Hoover likes about coaching. He likes coaching “For the students to have a opportunity to have a goal or goals in soccer and to help them achieve their goal, improve the skills in the students, and to help prepare them for high school.”


Well, what about the rest of the season?

Coach Hoover feels very optimistic about the rest of the season. Although he is very proud of the progress that the team has made so far, Coach Hoover say that there are going to be some changeling games coming up to help improve the students’ skills.


How will they win the majority of the games they have left?

Coach Hoover said that there are students with injuries that will be back and believes that if they all work as a team more they can win some games. He also said that there is going to be some roster changes.

“I have seen lots of improvement since the first day!” says Coach Hoover. As we continue to cheer on our CMS girls soccer team, we hope the can finish their season out strong. Their next game is on April 26th against Delmar at Central Middle School.  Good luck girls!



Bennett, Elyse. Personal Interview. 5 April 2017.

Griffitts, Melanie. Personal Interview. 5 April 2017.

Hoover, John. Personal Interview. 13 April 2017.



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