Our Love For Deadpool Can Never Die (Neither Can He. . .)

With the release of Deadpool just one short year ago with superstar hottie, Ryan Reynolds, as the lead character, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, there has been an uprising (so to speak) for a need of this “Merc with a Mouth.” But just recently, trailers and clips have been released showing the new Deadpool 2 coming in 2018. With that in mind, some people for some reason think that Deadpool is too overused and only the best at SOME things. Well some hardcore fans will agree that Deadpool is the best Marvel character EVER.

First some reasons:

  • He breaks the fourth wall.

Not only that, he does it well. He doesn’t talk to us too much or too little and even breaks 16 walls (I don’t want to spoil it I’ll let him explain it when you watch it). Only TWO movie characters have done it well enough that people adore it; Deadpool and, of course, Ferris Bueller.

  • Ryan Reynolds was BORN for Deadpool

Deadpool is actually a role Ryan has wanted to do his whole life, according to metro.co.uk. He tried it in X Men Origins: Wolverine, he’s tried a superhero in  Green Lantern, but Deadpool was just how Ryan wanted it to be.

  • He’s not a hero, but not a villain.

Deadpool, if you’ve read the comics or seen the movie, is definitely no hero. He kills his enemies in very, very unusual ways, he has destroyed the entire marvel universe before,but despite his name he has moments of compassion (in the comics, a small girl dropped her ice cream,  so he cut his finger, said “Pull my finger.” and when she did his finger fell off making her laugh therefore cheering her up), he has many true friends (Like Weasel), which is something a lot of villains lack, but despite all of that, he will kill a good guy if paid enough money. He’s more of an anti hero.

  • He stands up for what he believes

Even if it’s for small things like what Star Wars movies were better, it’s still amazing the things he will do to get his point across. In the comics, while in a spaceship, he made a mention to what Han Solo said in Return of The Jedi, and the person flying the ship said that the prequels, (I, II, III) were better and that Hayden Christensen was an “Amazing actor.” Deadpool reacted violently (like any sane person would) and then held the other person on board at gunpoint and told him to say “Jar Jar Binks is an abomination.”


But there (unfortunately) ARE some bad things about Deadpool.

  • He’s not exactly “Family-Friendly”

Like, at all. If you’ve ever seen the trailer or heard someone talking about him, you instantly know he’s not the kind of thing you want your kids watching. He is a mercenary who never shuts up. He makes jokes about dark situations. In the comics, he walks into a hotel room to see a man who has been shot by a bow and arrow in the chest on the floor. Deadpool’s response to this is “Oh this is just senseless. Who commits suicide with a bow and arrow? Bows are for, like, long-distance killing. Not close-up killing! Didn’t you know that?”


This one isn’t that big of a deal but the storyline called (you guessed it) Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe, the X-Men send Deadpool to a mental hospital for therapy (naturally).  His doctor is really Psycho-Man in disguise who tries to brainwash Deadpool into becoming Psycho-Man’s own personal minion. The attempt fails and leaves Deadpool (somehow) even more mentally unstable. He gets a more not-so-good view of the world and after acting violently on Psycho-Man, starts assassinating every superhero and villain.  

Jayden Bernard, Deadpool fan, was interviewed about Deadpool and how he felt about the upcoming Deadpool movie. “I think Deadpool is awesome, he’s cool and funny,” Jayden said. “I think his face looks cool, which is kind of weird. If I could change one thing I would give him 5 swords, two for his hands, two for his feet, and one for his mouth.”

“I do have high hopes for Deadpool 2,” he continued.I hope to see new villains, more jokes, and more action with a little better graphics even though the current ones were amazing. Ryan Reynolds is an amazing actor and I hope to see more of him.”

All in all, Deadpool is CLEARLY the best at everything. He may not be the first or oldest Marvel character, but he certainly isn’t the newest. He’s new enough to make references we would all make but old enough to the point where some of the adults nowadays grew up reading his comics which first came out in February of 1991. Hopefully you’re in love with Deadpool now and if this didn’t make you love him, then maybe the movie will. The first came out February 12th, with the second one coming soon in 2018. Geronimo.


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