The Dynamics of 8 Blue B: Teachers’ Perspectives

The dynamics or atmosphere of a CMS team precedes its reputation as a whole group. 8 Blue B is a versatile and diverse team made up of many people.



Mr. Steven Eachus is one of the 8 Blue B science teachers. His charismatic role as a science teacher is balance between the role of a teacher and a parent. He instantaneously makes an effort to motivate and keep the class in a controlled, serene state. Mr. Eachus loves and cherishes his job. Though we are a tough bunch, he figures we are a challenge that allows him to gain experience in his field as an educator.

Ms. Tiffany Smith is one of the 8  Blue B math teachers, and she describes herself as assertive, persistent, selfless loyal and “crazy .” She is influential because she is direct, honest and invested in her students academically. She strives to make her classroom a productive efficient learning environment. Ms. Stephanie Sheridan is the second 8 Blue B math teacher, and she describes herself as  patient, compassionate, considerate, kindhearted and understanding. As an educator she uses the method of positive reinforcement, communication, and patience to influence and affect her students. She enjoys the challenge that is her students and uses this experience to learn from and to be better in the future as an educator.

Ms.Elaine Buford is one of the 8 Blue B E.L.A (English/Language Arts) teachers. Her influential role as an educator expands to influence over time, and her influence is long-lasting and shows in unique ways.

Ms. Michelle Byers is one of the 8 Blue B social studies teachers, and she is loyal, intelligent, selfless, and is referred to as “bossy” and “crazy” because her loud, confident personality. Her significant role as an educator  is welcoming and opening, to infuse interest and fun in her classroom. Ms. Byers enjoys our complicated behaviors. They challenge her, and she appreciates this because it makes her teaching exciting and not “boring”.



Mr. Eachus teaches his curriculum considering those with different learning styles with unique, fun activities for everyone. Ms. Smith strives to make her classroom a productive, efficient learning environment .When teaching, she uses different methods to instruct the curriculum, accommodating for the learning styles exercised by her students. Ms. Sheridan believes the curriculum is not effective when the majority of students are not on a 8th grade math level because there are many gaps in math. Ms. Buford teaches using different unique approaches according to the curriculum but also according to the variety of students.


“Organized Chaos”

Mr. Eachus believes the behaviors towards him, others, students and property solely depend on the individual. Though more respect would be appreciated from the students, Mr. Eachus understands they are maturing, and he is very discerning and perceptive. He also believes for the most part the students are motivated to learn and willing. Those who put more effort in and those who are most motivated are most successful in his class.

Ms. Smith’s class is maintained as an efficient and effective classroom where behavior is respectful. Ms. Smith believes that outside of her class, the behavior is unacceptable towards teachers and staff, students and property. She also believes the motivation within her students is limited to those who are self-motivated and those who are not, and there are those who just do not comprehend the material in her class.

Ms. Buford believes this year is unique with a diversity of students and behaviors. The students know how to R.A.P. (be Respectful, Accountable, and Productive). However they seem to forget the rules and response to the reminder is not always positive. But overall, Ms. Buford believes her students are at most respectful. She also believes her students are fairly motivated, with a handful of students who are not motivated and those who choose to cause distractions and disruptions are addressed according to the Student Success Guide.

In contrast, Ms. Byers feels her students generally are disrespectful outside of classrooms towards, students, property and staff and are preoccupied with distractions and their peers. She also believes that most students are not academically motivated to learn. Some are, but the majority of her students are focused on different things that makes them less inclined to learn. Ms. Sheridan agrees, stating that she believes the overall general behavior from her students is disrespectful and unappreciative.

As Ms. Byers said, 8 Blue B is described as “organized chaos”. 8 Blue B teachers are affiliated with each other and are very committed to their students. We are also described as an academically low team consisting of mild disrespectful and immature behaviors, with high hopes to do better and make a difference in our society. The relationship between students to teachers generally creates the atmosphere of the 8 Blue B.



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