Add a trip to Rehoboth Beach on your calendar

The place where the fun never ends and friendships form with everlasting excitement! Rehoboth Beach is the place to be where there are amusement parks, beaches, breakfast, lunch and dinner spots, and more! For Dover residents, it’s not far away. It’s about a half-hour away, meaning you are a half-hour away from what may be the most fun day of your summer.

First off, one of the most amazing water parks in the area is Jungle Jim’s. According to, “ Much more than just a water-slide park, Jungle Jim’s is the go-to place for families and kids ready to spend the entire day riding bumper boats, playing mini golf, swinging away in the batting cages, or racing for glory on the go-kart track.” There’s also a lot of activities you can do at Rehoboth Beach.

Rehoboth Beach is the beach along the Atlantic coast where you can go boogie boarding on the perfect waves. You may even experience beautiful dolphins. The famous boardwalk is what really makes this place special. According to, “ Flanked by eclectic shops, restaurants, business and family amusements, the boardwalk is one of the reasons Rehoboth Beach was named ‘The Best Family Beach on the East Coast.’”

Additionally, there’s so much more you can do. If you are in need of a refresher or if you are hungry, there are delicious places where you can eat and drink such as the famous Grotto’s Pizza.

The boardwalk also offers a memorable, fun place called “ Funland.” states that, “Since 1962, families have made memories amid the vintage amusement rides and arcade games at this landmark-by-the-sea. Kid-friendly activities are essential to Funland’s legacy.”

Also, families can sit back and enjoy the ferry ride across the ocean bay. There are also places where you can eat and there are souvenir shops along the Delaware Bay.

Fishing is an essential activity where food is just waiting to be caught. states, “There are plenty of low-cost, no-stress ways to catch your dinner in Delaware’s bays and ocean. They’ll even help you get started at such places as Delaware Seashore State Park and Cape Henlopen State Park.”

Fortunately, there’s more than action fun. You can also enjoy watching movies at the theatre and you can chill and have a nice time while eating popcorn.

“For years, families have kicked back after a long hot day along the shoreline in Dewey Beach, where they’re justly famous for Monday Night Movies on the Beach & Wednesday Night Bonfires on the Beach. Even better, it’s free,” according to

All in all, Rehoboth is a fun place that you can make so many memories from and enjoy your time.


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