Dallas Cowboy QB Injuries

by Stephanie Toussaint


Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Who’s your favorite team? Is it Dallas? The Dallas Cowboys have 7 wins and 1 loss with their head coach Jason Garrett. How are their players doing? you might ask. There have been many injuries including their star QB Tony Romo.

Tony Romo is 36 years old and has been on the team for 9 full seasons but has been a starter for 16 games out of 4 of the 9 seasons. In 2011 he broke his rib and punctured his lung against the San Francisco 49ers, and he still played. In 2008 he broke his right pinkie finger and missed 3 games. After a winner-take-all season finale at the Philly Eagles he collapsed in the shower because of rib injury. In 2010 he suffered a broken left collarbone in the first half against the N.Y. Giants and he missed 10 games. Also in 2015 he broke his left collarbone twice, the first when Eagles linebacker, Jordan Hicks, landed on top of him, and the second one he suffered a re-break in the healed position. Lastly in 2016 he had a compression fracture and has to recover from 6-10 weeks, according to ESPN. He’s had a lot of injuries in the past 8 years.

To conclude, Tony Romo is a big factor for the Cowboys; all quarterbacks are important for their team. The Cowboys are at 10-1 and let’s see if it’s going to stay like that. Some people may think the Cowboys are not that good, but how can you explain their 10-1 record? They only lost 1 game, which was their first against the Giants. We’ll see who wins the Super Bowl in the long run.

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