Uniforms In School: Must Or Bust?

Should students let schools make us wear uniforms? No, we shouldn’t; our clothes help define who we are. We want to have fun and be ourselves. No child wants to wear the same clothes as one another because they all want to be different and unique in their own way.

From the article “Arguments Against School Uniforms” by Michelle Kouzmine, it says “Many parents argue that buying all these uniforms for all their kids every fall is hard on the family budget.” Many parents can not pay for their kids’ uniforms. In the same article it says Americans spend around $1 billion per year on school uniforms. There should be a school dress code, but not school uniforms. People say that uniforms stop bullying; that has been proven false. Tony Volk, PhD, Associate Professor at Brock University, stated, “Overall, there is no evidence in bullying literature that supports a reduction in violence due to school uniforms.” No evidence is provided that says school uniforms prevent bullying.

No uniform can make every child happy. Kids want to comfortable in school; wearing buttons and zippers can be very uncomfortable for students. Some girls don’t like to wear dresses or skirts because they don’t feel comfortable. They want to wear sweat pants, jeans, or leggings. Let the students wear what is appropriate for school, but also let them choose their own clothes.

School uniforms should not be allowed in school. Students should be allowed to choose their clothing. Parents don’t need or want to pay a lot of money for a uniform in order for their child to get education. Some parents say school uniforms cost less than buying their kids clothing, but uniforms are expensive. Another advantage of uniforms is that the school wouldn’t have to worry about the dress code. However, the cons of uniforms outweigh the pros.

In my opinion, schools should not require students to wear uniforms but should require a dress code. Everyone can come to school comfortable, appropriate, and ready to get education and have fun. The children have a right to wear what they want.


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