The CMS Lady Senators Soccer Team

By: Emilia Matarrese


The Lady Senators soccer team has won eight games out of the eleven they played. How did this significant change happen compared to the previous season? The team lost all its 8th graders so many assumed the team would be weakened, but they were wrong.


Last season, the team lost almost all their games but this year they had a winning season and a record of 8-2-1. Fresh seventh graders inspired the returning eighth graders. Varsity starter Sydni Warman says that the coach stacks the starting line with fast strikers Jennah Morris and Kendra Durrington. Sarah Larose and captain Skylar Campanicki send the ball in from out wide on the wings of the field.  Moving down the starting line up, Hoover places Sydni Warman and Captain Riley Hickox as skilled midfielders. Edyn Poole, Amanda Carey, Emilia Matarrese, and Tamyah Jones are the strong defense that keep the opponent from scoring any goals. Last but certainly not least, goalkeeper Ashli Warman is able to save the goals from crossing the goal line.


To practice, head coach John Hoover has the girls run about three laps around the track every practice (not including other running strategies). On game days, the team is given 30-40 minutes of practice and/or warm up time. To start this time, both coaches Kate Mazzio (assistant coach) and John Hoover have the varsity group start with a practice drill called “keep away”. In this drill, the girls will practice passing and like the name of the drill, they will practice keeping the ball away from each other. Junior varsity starts out with a shooting drill to improve their accuracy. After about 15-20 minutes the groups switch drills, and then it’s game time.


This strategy has been very effective this season, earning the team a total of eight wins,one tie, and two losses. Previously, the Senators have lost their last two games. In the Selbyville game, the ball slipped out of goalie Ashli Warman’s hands and rolled into the goal. In the Smyrna game, there was a penalty in the box causing a direct kick in the 18. One player from the Smyrna team got a chance to take a shot on the goalie, no other players could come into the 18 until the ball was kicked by the player. “Pure luck”, says Jennah Morris, varsity starter. “Both of those games were won only by one goal”, she continues.

The undefeated season came to an end, but this was the best record the Senator soccer team has had in a long time. Both coaches plan on giving other staff members here at Central Middle School the duty of coaching next season.




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