Amy’s Death: The Consequences.


Amy Joyner- Francis, a 16 year -old girl, was beaten to death in the bathroom at Howard High School Of Technology, Wilmington, DE. The fight broke out at around 8:15 a.m Thursday, April 21, 2016. Maybe it was about a boy, some said; others say it wasn’t. It’s not clear what the reason was that caused several girls to “jump” Amy. Daily mail news by Hannah Parry says at some point, one of the attackers “slammed her head into the sink” and she was later pronounced dead. Brittany Horn and Esteban Parra stated that the fight contributed to Amy’s death. Amy had already had a pre-existing heart condition exacerbated by the attack.



An anonymous student spoke on the tragic topic.  The student said that Amy wasn’t capable of such violence. Nik Stryminski also told Delaware News Journal that Amy wasn’t there to fight the female(s), she wanted to “talk things out.” “ There was an altercation that initially started between two people, and my understanding is that additionally, individuals joined in against the one person.” Chief Gary Fullman says. After the fight, Amy was in severe condition. She was transported by a helicopter to A.I. DuPont Hospital for children, where she later was pronounced dead. The three students that were involved in the fight have been suspended from school. Mayor Dennis Williams says that after seeing the recorded video and identifying the females responsible. Trinity Carr, 16, seen in the video hitting Joyner- Francis in the head and chest, is now confirmed with criminally negligent homicide. She faces eight years in prison. The other females involved, Zion Snow and Chekeria Wright, will be charged with third- degree criminal conspiracy. Both facing one year in prison. I disagree. If someone is murdered they should have more than one year. I feel like everyone who was involved should at least have the same amount of years. They all contributed to the death of Amy. Students here at CMS also have feelings about the death of Amy.



“I feel like the females who caused Amy’s death should go to jail for life. If someone takes someone’s life it’s considered murder, and they go to jail for life. This is no different. Her life was worth way more than two years in jail,” YaaYaa Afriyie says. YaaYaa also says, “Things like this could be prevented if girls knew how to talk it out instead of resulting in violence. Most of the time, the situation isn’t that serious to fight over.” YaaYaa could see something like this happening here at CMS. “Females like to result in violence. Fights happen, and, girls get aggressive. A lot of the times, girls would say, if my bestfriend is fighting, I’m riding and I’m sure that’s what happened in Amy’s situation, which lead to the death of a girl.” YaaYaa concludes that when you choose violence, you know the risk and the worst that can happen. The girls knew what they were doing and the risk. There are no excuses.

Now that the girls are identified, the confirmation of the autopsy but the girls behind bars. One of the females that was involved in Amy’s murder made an Instagram post about the death of Amy. As the post may be offensive to others, I will not quote it. But, here is where you can find and read the information yourself here.


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