Central Middle’s Dress Code

At each school I have attended, there has been a dress code for what each student can and cannot wear to school. I’ve never really thought much about it. I’m getting a free education and all I have to do is follow the guidelines of the Student Success Guide (including the dress code). But when I got the handbook in 7th grade, I noticed something odd. It looked as though that there were more rules about the attire that females wear than the attire males wear. I didn’t really pay that much attention to it. I thought, “Well, girls have more clothing options than boys do.” But as time progressed, and I had more and more difficulty deciding what to wear to school on some days, I began to think more about the dress code. “Why should I have to base my outfit off of whether it causes a disturbance?” I asked myself. “It’s not my fault that other students are immature.”

Turns out, I’m not the only person with this mind set. It seems as though both genders are biased towards themselves, meaning females blame the males and vice versa. A male student at CMS, Brendon Parker, agrees that this hypothesis might be true. Brendon blames females for distracting attire, saying, “Females, they choose what they wear that day.” However,  female student Edyn Poole’s opinion was quite the opposite. She confirms boys’ ability to get distracted is “a sign of immaturity” on the male’s part. They should have one main priority when coming to school and that is to learn so they can have a future. Staring at females and their bodies isn’t going to get them any farther in life, and they need to learn that.


In the male’s defense, it is expected at this age for them to get distracted  by females because of “puberty” and “hormones,” says Brendon Parker.


Administrators and staff claim that the dress code is there to prepare us as students for the “real world.” However, if we are being prepared for the “real world,” shouldn’t a male that “sags his pants” be disciplined? After all, it is a violation of dress code. Staff member Janelle Moore stated that the dress code is fair to both gender of students, but female students do get confronted more than males do by staff members. Ms. Moore states that she enforces dress code to both genders equally and that, “They are disciplined if they do not comply with the order to fix the violation.” She explains that there have been no major changes to the dress code, stating, “No, dress code has always held students to these standards.” After hearing all the opinions on dress code my view on the subject has remained the same.




Moore, Janelle. Personal Interview. 22 April 2016

Parker, Brendon. Personal Interview. 8 April 2016

Poole, Edyn. Personal Interview. 19 April 2016


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