BarberShop: The Next Cut

Barber Shop: The Next Cut

          12 years after the release of Barbershop 2: Back in Business and 14 years after the release of the original Barbershop is 2002, the Barbershop cast is back at it again. Director Malcolm D. Lee and writers Kenya Barris and Tracy Oliver work together on releasing Barbershop: The Next Cut this year. Loved by many, the cast just keeps hitting their viewers with more entertainment.


The cast just keeps giving their fans more. The main stars are Ice Cube playing Calvin, Regina Hall playing Angie, Sean Patrick Thomas playing Jimmy, Eve playing Terri, Anthony  Anderson playing J.D. Additional stars include J.B Smoove playing One- Stop, Common playing Rashad, Nicki Minaj playing Draya and Lamorne Morris playing Jerrod Margot. The preceding cast was a long-time crew who have been originally in the movie, but the shop still had major changes. Two of the stars that have stuck with the cast, Ice Cube and Deon Cole, appeared to Philadelphia to talk about the upcoming movie. Many might ask, what’s the idea of the movie? Ice Cube says, “The cast will find themselves dealing with the escalating violence in their south side Chicago community, their attempts to make an impact for the better.” Both explain that the crew will face many problems with each other but soon have to realize that they have to come together to not only save the shop but to also save their neighborhood.


The third comedy in the Barbershop series has already taken off. The cast has created their own Instagram page. The Instagram page is named “Barbershop Movie” with 36.2 thousand followers and 483 posts. The cast is continuing to promote their movie by posting short trailers, clips, pictures and showing releasing dates. The Barbershop cast wants as many people as they can to watch their new movie. Are you interested? If so, on Monday the 25th, 26th, and 27th, the show times for the Dover Mall theater are 11:20am, 1:25pm, 2:05pm, 4:10pm, 4:50pm, 6:55pm, 7:35pm, and 9:40pm. The last day that the Barbershop movie is showing on Thursday the 28th, the showing times are 11:10am, 1;45pm, 4:15pm, 6:50pm, and lastly 9:25pm.

Warning.. Spoiler..

I recently went to watch the BarberShop movie. I highly enjoyed it. The movie was funny, but not as funny as I would have thought. The comedy was mixed with some action which really caught my attention. My favorite part would have to be when the cast brought suspense to the views. Ice Cube, playing Calvin, had a son who was involved in a gang. His son had a choice to ride with the gang or go home. As we all thought that the son went with the gang, he stayed. But the movie was definitely worth watching, if you are thinking about watching the movie, you should.  



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