Top 3 Extreme Winter Sports

You may be familiar with the usual snowboarding and ice skating stunts and the thrills you get when watching the athletes flip and twirl. But how about watching a sport that has you on the edge of your seat 24/7, taking dangerous dives, racing on a malignant ice road, or even catching extreme air? Heat up your winter sports viewing by watching these extreme winter sports.

Automobile Ice Racing 

In this sport cars exceed speeds of 160KPH while driving on tracks completely covered in ice and snow with high speed turns, hair pins, and chicanes your guaranteed to have the ultimate heart pounding experience. Racers compete in 3 different tire categories (Rubber to ice, Street legal, and Racing stud). Each race is about 20 minutes long with the finale showdown being 30-40 minutes long. Racers compete to come in first, second, or third place and to win not only the title as the winner but a trophy to show it. This sport isn’t all danger though, the racers cars have to meet the specific guidelines as in the cars need a racing harness, full roll cage and fire extinguisher.

Speed Flying

speed flyingThis is an extreme sport that takes paragliding and ski skills. Speed Flying is a new sport but is rapidly gaining lots of attention. Speed flyers compete to place in first, second, or third place, they get dropped off by helicopter on a mountain and when wind conditions are too harsh to ski they take flight gliding a few feet from the ground. It may seem like it would be a very easy sport, but speed flyers actually can be in a lot of danger when they are in the air. If wind conditions are too severe they could actually be blown away and taken off course. This sport is for experts only, because as when you’re skiing you can reach up to 100 mph and have to dodge trees and ravines.

Ice Diving

ice diving pt.2This is probably the most dangerous ways to scuba dive in the world. Ice diving is a special type of diving taking lots of training way beyond the standard certification. Ice diving has one way in and one way out of the water. They cut a hole into the ice about the size of a fishing hole, divers have a line tender a person who is tethered to the rope above the ice just in case of emergencies. The experience is remarkable divers see the amazing marine life that isn’t seen every day. But to experience that divers’ risk the possibility of getting frostbite or even hypothermia. Not only do divers plunge into the freezing cold water for the sightseeing but also to set records. The current record is 61 meters below the ice which was set by Christian Redl.

These 3 extreme sports are all thrillers to watch and do. Between racing on ice, flying and dodging obstacles, and submerging your body into below freezing degree water it’s never a dull moment for those who do the sport they love. Francois bon a speed flyer who had just completed one of the greatest peaks in America said, “Things happen so fast, I fell from the sky along the walls –it was incredible…!”. Extreme sports give excitement and life to the athlete and audience.

Ella Green

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