The Stride for Pride

The new school year has brought in new faces and Central Senators, and we are very excited to see what they have, not just to bring to the classroom, but also on the field/court! Academics are a high priority to Central Middle School, so we take pride in the students that successfully balance sports with school. But, we sometimes don’t give enough credit to two specific sports at our school. Here is an inside look Central’s up and running girls’ field hockey team, and boys’ soccer team.

First come, First serve!

Students are back to school, and the Lady Senators’ field hockey team is too! We have 30 girls returning from last year’s season, all hoping to make a spot on the A squad, which only has 18 spots. This will definitely take a toll on some players, but the majority of the players have already played and started on A squad last season.

This year’s team has kept a remarkable positive attitude, and is definitely one of their strengths. Coaches George and VanNess have been using the idea of a family to motive the team. If the girls work as a team and respect each other, the trust and bond will be stronger on and off the field, were the thoughts behind it. The team also uses strategies to stay motivated. “We always huddle up and have a team talk time. It has been helpful this season”, Coach VanNess explained. This year’s team has teamwork, but also good leadership skills. The team captains are Bryanna Stamas, Riley Hickox, Amanda Dill, and Madison Small. Each of them have a leadership role, and play a big role on the team.

Overall, the team looks great this year, and CMS is cheering them on for a great season. Coach VanNess describes the team as determined, hardworking, and family-oriented. She also said through an email interview, “We have a lot of speed this season. We plan on starting each game with our quickness and we plan to have a winning season.”

Eat, Cleats, Soccer, and Repeat.

Another team joining the field this fall is Central Middle’s Boys’ Soccer team! The expectations are set high this year, not just in the athletic department, but also in academics. Coach Hoover says the team is very persistent, enthusiastic, determined, and very supportive of one and other; all of which can be hard to come by in such a diverse team.

Most of the boys are returning from last year’s season, already having a sense of how to take control of the field during a game. But, this season there has been a struggle to determine the positions and roles each player will take. When many players are good in one position, and few in another, there can be some difficulty assigning a fit place for everyone. Although this is a small set-back, the team will pull through.

Although the season has just shortly started, Coach Hoover can see a lot of strength in the players, and team. Everyone receives positive feedback from Coaches and fellow teammates, which encourages improvement. Coach Hoover also says that he believes this year will be a winning season for CMS’s Boys’ Soccer team.

Hoover, John. Personal Interview. 21 September 2015.

VanNess, Allison. Personal Interview. 15 September 2015.


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