Come on let’s watch “The Voice!”

Come take a seat, enjoy yourself and, relax. Nothing better than a good old competition watching “The Voice.” Don’t you love enjoying time with your family? Maybe watching others dreams come true? Here’s a little scoop about one of the best reality shows there is in 2015. Join with me, how

About the show

The show “The Voice” welcomes anybody who thinks or even knows they have a great voice. “The Voice” is where there are four judges turned around in a chair and one contestant at a time comes out and sings a song of their choice. While the contestant is singing the judges listen without looking at them. When the judges think the contestant sounds good they will hit a red button and turned their chair around, now looking and listening to the contestant. All of the judges can turn around, or just some, or maybe just one. When the contestant’s song is over, the judges give their opinion on the singing, and the judges who turned around in their seats are the ones that the contestant can pick to be as their coach. The contestant can only pick one judge to be his or her coach. According to the website it states, “They are vying for their coach’s confidence and decision to take them to the live shows.” Said NBC New,2015. Everybody wants that from the judges to win “The Voice.” The judge that the contestant picks will be the one who thinks that will help them will win, best fits them, and can be the best coach. The judges this year (2015) are four amazing stars that many people love worldwide. The judges are Blake Shelton who sings country music, Adam Levine who sings pop – rock and is in the band Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera who sings pop and, Pharrell Williams who sings rap, R&B, and hip hop.

The reality TV show “The Voice” is a wonderful show to watch at night with the whole family. All of the contestants are in competition with each other. There is only one person who can win “The Voice” each season. The most interesting thing about “The Voice” is the judges can’t judge the contestants of how they look. According to the website it states, “the performers can prepare any song they want, which can give the coaches and the audience a better sense of who they are.” Stated, Lisha Arino entertainment writer from, Muskegon Chronicle. This is one of my favorite parts about the show and so as others. When people have the chance to not worry about what people think of them, they feel better and more comfortable for how their singing. There is no judging of what u wear or how you look  in this reality show, when you know you sing good and the judges know also then that’s what makes you good another to be on the show. Nobody should be based on how they look, but how they sing on this show. This reality show gives everyone the chance for their dream to come true being a famous singer, songwriter. Each season everybody wants to win of course. They’re people who will leave and stay. The contestants rely on the judges to help them win at the end of the season.


The blind audition is the first round of “ The Voice”. The battle round is for the people who have went through blind auditions and has chosen a judge. This round is where there’s two team members sing the same song. The person who is most liked by the judges will stay and the other team member will have to leave. There is a new battle this year and it’s called the knockouts. The knockouts are where two team members goes against each other, but they don’t know who the other team member is. This is the toughest part of the show. During the battle round and the knockout round the judges can steal a contestant from another team, only if the contestant agrees. According to the website it states, “the television audience will vote to save their favorite artists and the two artists with the lowest number of votes will be sent home each week. In the end, one will be named “The Voice” and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract,” stated NBC news, 2015. This is one of the most loved thing about this reality show. While you’re home, you can actually sit down and call and tell the name you want to vote for. The judges just don’t count for this; your votes do also.

Extra Information

“The Voice” is a great show to watch, You feel like you’re there with them on the show. “According to the website, it states, “It’s a little more complex than the classic “American Idol” and the focus is a little more narrow than “The X Factor.” Stated Lisha Arino, entertainment writer from Muskegon Chronicle. There are many differences and similarities with “American Idol” and “ X Factor.” “The Voice” and “American Idol” both have four judges, and the contestants go against each other. Also, there different “American Idol” you don’t use the judges as coaches. Once your aloud to be on the show you do all the work. “X Factor” is a show where you can sing, but also where there are many other people with different talents.

“The Voice” made an impact on people’s lives to get up and go on the show and feel comfortable about it. People know when they have talent. Watching the show is a good enjoyment for you and for the people who are on the show that know you’re watching. According to it states, “The contestants will compete for the grand prize and the chance to be this season’s “The Voice.” stated NBC, 2015. This is the part everyone waits for the contestants and the audience.


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