Are you creative enough to join?

Yes, there is a Creative Writing Club at Central Middle School! Many students weren’t informed about this club, nor was I. The advisor of this club is Alyssa Lucadamo, formally known as Ms. Lucadamo, who is an ELA teacher on 8-Red. This club has roughly 15 members and on some weeks more people attend those meetings. The members are always accepting new people in the Creative Writing Club.

The Creative Writing Club is a club that helps young writers expand their creativity in writing and to be with other young writers. I ask myself, why are many students not informed or know about this club? The advisor of the club believes it is because it is relatively new, and she says in the two years that this club has been at school it has been growing. When it first started they had about five members, but now they have 15 or more, which is good progress. Ms. Lucadamo is also the person who started this club; she made it in the winter of 2013. She says she did because she saw a lot of sports clubs and drama clubs and math league but nothing for reading or writing. Since her degree is in English with a minor in Creative Writing, she decided to do a club for kids who had similar interests to hers growing up.

One member, Mackenzie Newman, who has been in the club since she started to attend Central Middle School, says she joined the club because she is a young writer and it’s a writing club. She doesn’t have much experience so she wants to gain more experience from this club. She believes many students aren’t informed about this club because not many students are interested in writing for fun. Also, most students only write because they need to do a school assignment they rarely do because they have an interest for it. Interest is a problem for this club. To spread the word, Mackenzie says she tells her friends and peers about the club and tries to get them to attend at least one meeting. Mackenzie says she loves this club! She has been a member for two years and she enjoys it a lot.

This club is a good club for many young students who enjoy writing and are willing to expand their writing skills. At the meetings the members have to sign in with Ms. Lucadamo, and after that if a lot of people attended they have share out time. After share out time (which only occurs on some meetings) they have free writing and after free write they get HOT CHOCOLATE! After they enjoy their hot chocolate, they have share out time. Before you know it the meeting is over.

The students in the club love to write a lot of different types of things. The students write fan fictions and short stories. Others that know how to draw are writing comic books and graphic novels. At the end of the school year the club will be publishing a Literary Magazine and everyone is welcome to submit a story, poem or play. The deadline to submit anything you would like to write about is May 1st. There will also be a National Poetry Contest and the students can win a $500.00 prize. The deadline to submit a poem is April 30th. If you are interested in these events contact your ELA teacher or Ms. Lucadamo on 8-Red.

The Creative Writing Club is a really helpful club for young writings, and even if you aren’t a good writer you should just attend to expand on skills or learn how to be a better writer. This club, even though new and small has helped members gain more skills on how to become a better writer. The advisor says, “When I have a long day of teaching creative writing club lets me end on a high note. The students inspire me to be more creative.”

The creative writers of Central Middle School

The creative writers of Central Middle School


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